Billy Gilman – One Voice

This song is popularized in 2000 when I was 12 years old. This is the best song around. It helps a lot with whats going on in life all around and it shows whats been happening around most kids.

I’m almost 22 years old now and I STILL love his old songs!! 🙂 I used to be obsessed with him when I was younger!!!! lol. Billy Gilman is an awesome singer. He has such a pure voice.. That was really nice 🙂

Some kids have and some kids don’t
Some of us are wondering why
And mom won’t watch the news at night
There’s too much stuff thats making her cry

We need some help
Down here on Earth
A thousand prayers
A million words
But one voice was heard

A house a yard a neighborhood
Where you can ride your new bike to school
A kinda world where mom and dad
Still believe the golden rule

Life’s not that simple
Down here on Earth
A thousand prayers
A million words
But one voice was heard

One voice
One simple word
Hearts know what to say

One Dream
Can change the world
Keep believing
Till you find your way

Yesterday while walking home
I saw some kid on Newberry Road
He pulled a pistol from his bag
And tossed it in the river below

Thanks for the help
Down here on Earth
A thousand prayers
A million words
But one voice was heard

One voice was heard
One voice was heard

Iseng-iseng gue coba cari infonya di wikipedia. Wedew ternyata umurnya sama dengan gue. Ga nyangka, waktu berlalu dengan cepat. Ni anak perasaan dulu kelihatan lebih kecil dari gue deh. But he is also 22 years old now.

Billy Gilman (William Wendell Gilman III, lahir 24 Mei 1988; umur 22 tahun) adalah seorang penyanyi, penulis lagu musik country dari Amerika Serikat. Karier Gillman sebagai penyanyi dikenal luas sebagai penyanyi cilik. Ia memulai single debut “One Voice” pada tahun 2000 dan menembus Top 20 Billboard tangga lagu musik country saat usianya masih 12 tahun, yang menjadi rekor penyanyi termuda yang menembus Top 40 tangga lagu musik country.

Wew he was very talented in his age. Waktu gue umur 12 tahun palingan cuma  bisa ngerengek-rengek sama orang tua minta dibeliin mainan 😀 Anyway…. Ni gue kasi skrinsut Billy Gilman yang sekarang. Ga kalah cute kok sama dia waktu umurnya masih 12 tahun. Hahahahahaha.. 😛


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